Edie Brickell "Volcano" CD Package  \ Republic Records  | Photography:  Danny Clinch
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 Edie Brickell "Volcano" CD Single
 Michael McDonald "Soul Speak" CD Package   Motown Records  | Photography:  Danny Clinch
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Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_MichaelMcDonald 3.jpg
 Ashanti "The Declaration" CD Package   Motown Records  | Photography:  Matthew Rolston
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Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_Ashanti 2.jpg
Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_Ashanti 4.jpg
 Nelly "5.0" CD Package   Motown Records  | Photography:  Marc Baptiste
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 Nelly “Just A Dream” CD SIngle
 Nelly "Derrty Hits" CD Package   Motown Records  | Photography:  Marc Baptiste
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 Nelly "One And Only"  Nelly "One And Only" CD Single
 India.Arie "I Am Not My Hair" CD Single   Motown Records
 Black Veil Brides "Wretched And Divine" CD Packaging   Republic Records  | Illustration:  Richard Villa III  | Photography:  Jonathan Weiner  &  Glen LaFerman
 3 Doors Down "One Red Light" DVD   Republic Records  | Photography:  Chapman Baehler
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