Album Covers
 Album Covers
 Les Paul Trio & Friends “A Jazz Salute To Les Paul” CD Package
Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_LesPaulTrio 3.jpg
Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_LesPaulTrio 2.jpg
 Gong Linna "Cloud River Mountain" CD Package   Cantaloupe Music  | Photography:  Lao Luo
Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_Gong Linna_2.jpg
Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_Gong Linna_3.jpg
 Emily Bergl “Live At The Algonquin - Kidding On The Square” CD Package  Photography:  Michael Creagh
Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_Emily Bergl 1.jpg
Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_Emily Bergl 2.jpg
 Joy Askew "Drunk On You" CD Package   Joy Askew Music
Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_JoyAskew 1.jpg
 Michael Shuler Love & The Age Of Automation" CD Package   Brave Feet Music
Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_Michael Shuler_2.jpg
Spit+Image_ChristopherKornmann_Michael Shuler_3.jpg
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